It doesn’t matter who you are, what challenges you face, or how big your dream is; you have the ability to be successful.

Coaching Options

~ 10% of your coaching fees will be donated to a charity ~

High Priority Coaching

R 6995 once off

Get my priority attention for getting you where you want to be. We decide on a goal, and I will do whatever coaching services is required to get you to achieve that goal.

  • Perfect for clients in target-driven careers or clients who want to stop smoking.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Subject to availability (only 4 slots available)

Monthly Packages

From R 575 to R 2245 per month

Have me as your life coach on retainer. Get between 1 and 4 full coaching sessions per month with a few telephonic contacts in between.

  • Perfect for clients wanting a fulfilling life.
  • Level of service varies per package option.
  • Contact me for more info.

Ad Hoc Coaching

R 595 per session

Call me, set up a meeting, do a session, become successful. As simple as that.

  • Perfect for clients who’s life is a mess and want it sorted out.
  • Also good for sponsoring someone else’s sessions.
  • Subject to availability.


This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in forever. I’ve tried many ways of changing my life. I can almost say I’ve tried them all. With Arie’s coaching plan I’ve discovered some things about myself I did not know I have. I’ve changed my perception of how I look at the world. Working with a systematic plan, goals and milestones is only a few of the things I’ve learned.

Seeing how my lifewheel changed is proof of how I took responsibility of my life. I can really just thank him for the experience and insight.

Time’s fun when you are having flies!

Francois Van Ginhoven

I have been privileged to have completed a life coaching plan with Arie who is an incredibly human facilitator with an amazing sense of humour and knowledge of the human psyche.

I have learnt to face my challenges and complexities with boldness and vision and have again a tremendous realisation of self worth and future vision. I once again have dreams and goals and feel I have something to offer society, my family, clients and friends.

I appreciate all the effort and time Arie has put into a fantastic program.

Thomas Jewell

Arie, your coaching has given me the direction in life I was looking for. In these few sessions you have helped me awaken and realise that which in my heart will be the driving force behind many years of love, joy happiness and work. I thank you for that.

Sean Feun

Arie and his coaching will help with change in your life. Change is something we have to do ourselves, but sometimes we do not know how. That’s where Arie’s coaching comes in: To help you get into action!

Adriaan Aartsma

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